Household Hazardous Waste

Disposing of Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Waste

From industrial chemicals to household cleaners, paints, automotive fluids, even computer monitors and television screens, hazardous materials and wastes are part of our everyday lives. Hazardous Materials are substances which because of their chemical, physical or biological nature pose a potential risk to life, health, safety or the environment. When a hazardous material, and even some common products such as batteries and CRT monitors become unusable, contaminated or leak into the environment it can become a hazardous waste. The Gilroy Chemical Control Program, which is in the BLES Division of Community Development, is the agency that has oversight of hazardous materials disposal by businesses and organizations in Gilroy. Any business or organization that generates hazardous waste is required to have a Permit from the Chemical Control Program and be inspected for proper handling and disposal practices.

Household Hazardous Waste Facility

Residents can use the county-wide Household Hazardous Waste Facility located in San Martin to properly dispose of household hazardous wastes at no charge. This facility only operates for a 3-day period, once each month and residents are required to make an appointment. Please call 408-299-7300. There is also a program available, at a fee, for businesses that generate less than 27 gallons (100kg) of hazardous waste each month.

More Information

For more information call the Gilroy Chemical Control Program, which is in the BLES Division of Community Development at City Hall at 408-846-0451.