Council Goals

Each year, the City Council holds a strategic planning session to identify and discuss issues that will allow them to set policy and priorities for the upcoming years. For more information on the City of Gilroy's strategic plan and service delivery strategies from the latest Council strategic plan session, please see the links at the bottom and right of this page.

Annual Strategic Plan

The City Council meets annually for its strategic planning session. After a facilitated discussion, the Council formulates its strategic plan, including a vision, mission, services and action plan.

Strategic Plan Goals 2018

  • Focus on Revenue Driving Economic Development
  • Revitalize Downtown Including Incentives
  • Enhance Public Safety Capabilities
  • Become More Customer Friendly
  • Prepare for the Fiscal Cliff/Financial Stability

 City Vision

  • Safe and family friendly Community
  • Thriving downtown
  • Arts and culture
  • Complete neighborhoods
  • Accessible recreational and leisure opportunities
  • Green City - Environmentally friendly
  • Easy access and mobility
  • Balanced local economy
  • Inclusive Gilroy community for all

City Mission

  • Financially sound
  • Customer friendly and effective
  • Excellent municipal services
  • Engaged community, both residents and businesses
City Council Meeting

Strategic Plan & Delivery Strategies