Downtown Gilroy / Incentives


The Heart of Gilroy

Downtown Gilroy is the heart of our City. Its walkable character, historic charm, and eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, services, and entertainment make it a great location for many businesses. Downtown has ample parking, great transit access, and many residents in close proximity. In the coming years, Downtown's existing train station will be expanded to accommodate a station for the future high speed rail.

Downtown Events

Downtown regularly hosts a wide variety of fun, family-friendly events.  Whether it's the Friday night music series, art & wine stroll, Halloween beer crawl, or car show, there's always something going on in downtown Gilroy!  For a taste of what's happening, check out the Welcome Center's event calendar, take a look at the Downtown Business Associations featured downtown events.

Downtown Businesses

Downtown is home to a wide range of restaurants, entertainment establishments, and specialty retail shops.  From antiques to furniture and from clothes to toys, downtown's local businesses offer an eclectic mix of products.  Similarly, services abound in downtown, where you'll find fitness studios, hair salons, medical facilities, and much, much more.  In conjunction with a number of partner organizations, a comprehensive list of downtown businesses is currently being developed.  Check back soon for this information.  

City staff work closely with downtown merchants and prospective business owners to help entrepreneurs open or expand their businesses.  Peruse the information below to learn more.
Available Properties. Browse downtown properties that are for sale or lease through the Economic Development Corporation’s available properties listing

Permitting Information.  Looking to open or expand your downtown business?  The city is here to help. Contact the city's Development Center Manager, Lee Butler, or call 408-846-0451 to understand what you'll need.  We are always happy to answer your general questions, and here are some of the services that the city offers free of charge:
  • Development Review Group (DRG).  The city's development services team (planning, building, public works, fire prevention, hazardous materials, and police) can review your conceptual proposal early in the process to let you know what is needed to get your business up and running.
  • Expedited Permitting.  Many downtown proposals are eligible for streamlined permitting, for example, through our plan check by appointment services where building permits are often issued at the initial meeting.   
Sidewalk Cafés Downtown.  Interested in opening a sidewalk café downtown?  Updated regulations provide increased flexibility in where you can put tables or chairs in the public right of way. In addition to using sidewalk space directly in front of your business, you may be eligible to place tables in front of neighboring businesses and in up to two parking spaces in front of your business. The policy, submittal checklist, and application information are available online as an application packet.

Public Improvements Continue

The city also regularly invests in downtown to help stimulate business activity and further enhance downtown’s character.  Here are some recent infrastructure improvements:  

  • Pedestrian Paseo on Monterey Street between 5th and 6th street is now open.  The city continues to work with the paseo design group on enhancements to the paseo, and the "history of Gilroy" theme will soon be realized through a series of display panels.  
  • Downtown streetlights were changed from metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs to light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The LED bulbs offer better light intensity and better color rendition.
  • 6th Street sidewalk improvements between Monterey and Eigleberry Streets are scheduled to be complete by Summer 2015.
  • Eigleberry Street recently had a new water line installed and is currently being resurfaced between 1st Street and 10th Street, with construction scheduled to be complete by the end of Summer 2015. 
  • An automatic irrigation system was installed for the hanging flower baskets, which are changed out two times per year. 
  • Colorful vertical banners mounted to street lights are transitioned four times per year.
  • Support poles and cables were installed on Monterey Street to hand over-the-street banners announcing community events.