CPR Training

Learn to be a lifesaver! This dynamic-interactive course is designed to teach anyone, with limited or no medical training, essential lifesaving skills using CPR and an AED. You will learn how to provide immediate rescue to an adult, child and infant in cardiac arrest, including how to relieve a choking victim. Training will focus on how to manage an emergency for the first critical minutes until emergency medical services arrive. You will be instructed by professional firefighters from your local community who actually perform these skills on a daily basis.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive a course completion card in American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR-AED. The Heartsaver CPR-AED certification meets job, regulatory or OSHA requirements for the non-medical professional. Certification is valid for two years. Bring snacks and beverages as needed.

For more information about Gilroy Fire's CPR Programs, please visit GilroyFireCPR.com. DUE TO COVID-19, CPR TRAINING AND WEBSITE ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.