2016 Council & Mayor Candidates & Ballot Measure

Gilroy City Council Candidates:

J Brennan   7135 Concord Place   408-472-1156   email: jisflynlo@aol.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Tom Fischer
   757 Dawn Way   408-847-4716   email: tom@tom4gilroy.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Craig Gartman
   1120 Sunrise Drive   408-710-6090   email: gilroygartman@yahoo.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Daniel Harney
   1565 Calabrese Way   408-613-8744   email: djharn@yahoo.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Paul Kloecker
   8431 Delta Court   408-842-5162   email: paulkloecker@gmail.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Reid Lerner
   8200 Kern Avenue   408-242-1468   email: reidlerner@yahoo.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Fred Tovar
   1551 Sunrise Drive   408-750-7029   email: ftovar@stanford.edu   FPPC Campaign Filings

Cat Tucker
   9440 Eagle View Way   408-427-1546   email: cat@cattucker.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

​​Gilroy Mayor Candidates:

Roland Velasco   9720 Bunting Court   408-710-8508   email: roland@rolandvelasco.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Perry Woodward
   7241 Eagle Ridge Drive   408-891-9204   email: perrywoodward@gmail.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Robert Martinez*
   9117 El Verano Way   408-218-1127   email: jmgrobert@gmail.com   FPPC Campaign Filings

Measure H "Gilroy Urban Growth Boundary Initiative":
Measure take this link for the full text and exhibits of Measure H 
City Attorney's Impartial Analysis
take this link to read the City Attorney's impartial analysis of Measure H
Argument in Favor take this link to read the argument in favor of Measure H
FPPC Ballot Measure Committee Campaign Filings take this link to view the pre-election campaign contributions & expenditures