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Home Occupation Permit

  1. Application Information

  2. If you are a sales business, describe what type of products you sell and how they will be sold.

  3. What alterations to the site or building are needed for the proposed use?

  4. Describe all items/equipment to be stored at the residence necessary for the proposed home occupation:

  5. Any professional or business activity permitted as a home occupation, must meet all of the following criteria to be permitted as a home occupation in a dwelling unit:

    (a) Only the residents occupying the dwelling unit and one employee may engage in a home occupation. If there is an employee, that employee must be parked in the driveway of the home or on a paved on-site parking space.
    (b) A home occupation shall be confined to, and carried on exclusively within, the main building of the dwelling unit, not within an accessory building.
    (c) There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building premises, or any visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation or any construction feature or alteration not of a residential character.
    (d) There shall be no show windows, window displays or advertising on signs, structures or vehicles on or near the site designed to attract customers, clients or the general public to the premises.
    (e) There shall be no conduct of a business or office open to the public.
    (f) No materials shall be transported to or from the premises in a commercial vehicle.
    (g) There shall be no generation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic beyond that normal to the district.
    (h) No products shall be sold on the premises except artist's originals or products individually made to order on the premises.
    (i) No materials, supplies or equipment shall be stored out-of-doors or in any required garage space.
    (j) There shall be no operational characteristic or effect, including color, lighting, noise, vibration, electrical disturbance, smoke or odor discernable at the exterior boundaries of the building site, which would identify the premises as serving a nonresidential purpose.
    (k) A home occupation shall be limited to having only 2 clients, patients, or pupils present on the premises at any time.
    (l) Additional conditions:

  6. Any use of occupation which does not meet the criteria set forth in Section 40.20 of this Ordinance may be permitted in a residential zone only in accordance with a conditional use permit which may be issued by the Planning Commission.

    Hazardous materials, chemicals, or hazardous wastes are restricted to those materials in concentration, packaging and type that are consumer products. Quantities are limited to the amounts allowed by the Uniform Fire Code. No discharge of chemicals, hazardous materials, or non-domestic wastewater shall be allowed into the sanitary sewer or storm drain from the home occupation. Inspections may be required to determine if an application is in conformance with these requirements.

  7. The following uses are prohibited as home occupations:

    (a) Animal hospitals, or the harboring, training, raising, grooming or treatment of animals or birds for commercial purposes
    (b) The repair or reconditioning on the residential site for commercial purposes of motor vehicles or equipment, boats, or recreational vehicles, or display for sale of any vehicle
    (c) Beauty parlors, barber shops
    (d) Medical, dental or chiropractic clinics or hospitals
    (e) The use, handling or storage of hazardous materials or chemicals, except those materials in concentration, packaging, and type that are consumer products and kept in typical household amounts
    (f) Any generation of hazardous waste material
    (g) The discharge of non-domestic wastewaters into the sanitary sewer or storm drain at the residence. This includes commercial food preparation and dish cleaning

  8. I agree to follow the above criteria and I understand that my home occupation permit is immediately null and void if there is a violation of any of the criteria requirements.

  9. I hereby certify that the information in the application package submitted is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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