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Communications (911)

The City of Gilroy's 911 Communications Center is located at the Police Department at 7301 Hanna Street. The Communication Center is staffed by well trained professionals whose mission is to provide for our community, both emergency and non-emergency police, fire, medical and city services, in a professional and expedient manner.

Emergency Dial 911

Use 911 when an IMMEDIATE police, fire, or medical response is necessary to protect lives or property.

When It's NOT an Emergency, Dial 846-0350

Use the Police Department's non-emergency telephone number when requesting non-emergency police services. Using 846-0350 to request non-emergency police services helps ensure the City's 911 system remains free for emergency purposes only.

Use 846-0350 when...

  • you want to report a loud party, a barking dog, or any other noise problem
  • you want to report an abandoned auto in front of your home or to report a car blocking your driveway.
  • you want to report a crime after it has occurred. For example, when you return home and find your home has been burglarized and the suspect is gone.

Calling 911 in such instances ties up 911 telephone lines and 911 dispatchers making it difficult for people with life threatening emergencies to get help.