Fire Prevention

Gilroy Online Permit Software (GO Permit)

Gilroy Online Permit (GO Permit) is the City's new enhanced and integrated online permit and inspection service system for residential and commercial projects. For new permits issued after June 19, 2023, GO Permit will provide customers with 24-hour online permit access to submit applications, seek permits and approvals, initiate and track plan review status, schedule inspections and view statuses and results, and more. Go to for further information or to access the GO Permit Portal.

Fire Code Enforcement

The City of Gilroy Fire Prevention Program enforces the City's Fire Codes. The Fire Code prescribes minimum requirements to provide a level of Life Safety and Building Safety. Use links on the left to access the codes used in Gilroy.

Fire Prevention Activities

Fire Prevention activities are carried out by the Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal. This includes plan review for all new development and construction projects, and permitting and routine inspection of occupancies that have certain operations that require permits under the Fire Code. The Fire Engine Companies conduct routine inspections of non-permit occupancies in the City of Gilroy.


The Fire Prevention Program and the Hazardous Materials (CUPA Program and Industrial Waste Water) Pretreatment Program are under the Supervision of the Fire Marshal and are part of the Community Development Department, which is located within City Hall at 7351 Rosanna Street.

Weed Abatement (County Program)

Business License

All businesses, whether located in or outside the City, conducting business transactions or operations within the City are required to obtain a City business license. Pay and update your business license online. Go to the City of Gilroy Business License page for more information.

Fireworks Information

State-Approved Fireworks

State-approved fireworks may be purchased and used only in Gilroy & only From July 1 - July 4th (midnight). These types of fireworks are called Safe and Sane and should only be purchased at one of the 16 authorized fireworks booths in the City. Some fireworks booths may open as early as 9 a.m. and close as late as 10 p.m. Safe and Sane fireworks have a State Fire Marshal approval stamp and do not leave the ground or explode. Fireworks are to be purchased in and used by Gilroy residents in Gilroy only. Only use fireworks purchased at one of the 16 community group booths in Gilroy.

Illegal Fireworks

Any firework that shoots into the air is illegal, this includes throwing or launching Safe and Sane fireworks. "Safe and Sane" fireworks may not be taken or used in any other city or unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County. They are illegal in all other Cities in Santa Clara County. Call 408-846-0350 to report illegal fireworks. Do not bring fireworks to the Public Fireworks Show.