Hazardous Materials

Implementing Laws & Codes
The Gilroy Chemical Control Agency is dedicated to implementing laws and codes in field of hazardous materials and the environment. This program is supervised by the Fire Marshal and is located in the Building, Life and Environmental Safety (BLES) Division of Community Development.

Laws & Regulations
The laws and regulations covered by the Gilroy Hazardous Materials - CUPA program includes the 6 State Unified Program Laws, the City's Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinance, 98-10, and the City's Fire Code (California Fire Code with City amendments).

In addition the Hazardous Materials - CUPA Program is integrated with the activities of the Industrial Wastewater - Pretreatment Program and the Fire Prevention Program. See the related web pages for details on these programs. Also see the to "What is a CUPA?" page for an explanation of the CUPA program.

Hazardous Materials Ordinance
The City of Gilroy Hazardous Materials Ordinance (HMSO), predates the CUPA and Fire Code for hazardous materials regulations. The Ordinance provides the local authority to regulate Hazardous Materials and to carry out the CUPA programs. The HMSO contains some additional authorities, and establishes the Hazardous Materials Storage Permit Program. The Codes/Regulations Page will provide access to the various laws and regulations.

Program Tasks
The Hazardous Materials Program:
  • Collects the required permit information for each program
  • Conducts periodic inspections of the regulated businesses
  • Does plan review of new and modifications to buildings, tanks and process equipment that are related to hazardous materials use, storage and handling as well as hazardous waste and industrial waste water
  • Performs complaint and spill investigations
  • Stores the required records for each program