Anti-Graffiti Program


The Anti-Graffiti Program is designed to assist citizens in the removal of graffiti from private and public property. We will assist residents:
  • By providing recycled paint for residents for graffiti abatement
  • By assisting elderly and handicapped citizens with graffiti abatement
  • By providing information or referrals on anti-graffiti information

Reporting Graffiti

There is a 24-hour recording line for reporting graffiti in the City of Gilroy: 408-846-0395. When reporting graffiti it is very important to have the exact physical address or location with a cross street and the type of surface that has graffiti (i.e. wood fence). 

Reporting Graffiti Online

Send an email to David Carter.

What the Anti-Graffiti Program Is Doing

Graffiti Eradication Program

When graffiti occurs, private property owners will receive a notification requesting the graffiti be removed. Property owners will have 48 hours grace period after receipt of the notification to correct the issue.

Complaints that are on public property are dispatched to the Community Services Department at 408-846-0460 and are taken in the order they are received. All other property will be dispatched to the appropriate agency for removal.

Recycled Paint

Private property owners can receive recycled paint for graffiti abatement.  This resource along with an informational brochure on graffiti
is available by request.

One gallon paint containers and paint brushes are available to "Wipe Out Watch" Volunteers, Residents and Businesses who would like to help paint over graffiti. For more information please call 408-846-0395. 

What Can You Do?

  • Remove graffiti immediately from your property. Graffiti promotes other graffiti and increases the chances of more serious crime.
  • Report graffiti immediately. Feel free to call the Graffiti Reporting Line at anytime. The number is 408-846-0395 and is checked daily. You can report any graffiti in the community.
  • Report graffiti vandals immediately. Citizens often see criminal acts take place and choose not to report it. They feel someone else will call or they don't want to become involved. If you get involved, it increases the chances of the suspect being caught and successfully prosecuted.