A Concern In Our Community

The Problem
Graffiti creates fear in the community. As a result, there is a loss of pride and people begin to feel threatened in their own home and neighborhoods. Graffiti can lower the property value and negatively affect local business. No one wants to shop or live in an area in which they do not feel safe.

Graffiti forces communities to spend millions of dollars to cover or remove graffiti. Its presence can also indicate deeper community problems.

With a dedicated effort and a practical strategy, communities can reduce or even eliminate graffiti from their neighborhoods. Together, as a community, we can make a difference and help keep Gilroy safe, clean, and beautiful.

Volunteer With "Wipe Out Watch"
Wipe Out Watch is a group of dedicated volunteers who help in the efforts of graffiti abatement and surveillance. If you are interested in painting out graffiti or helping with the Wipe Out Watch Program, please call the city's volunteer coordinator for more information or a volunteer application form at 408-846-0525.