Fire Codes & Regulations

Gilroy Fire Code

The City of Gilroy has adopted and amended the 2015 International Fire Code (2015 IFC) with the 2016 California Fire Code (2016 CFC). These have been adopted and amended by City Ordinance and are published in the Gilroy City Code Chapter 10 Article II, online.

Policies & Guidance Documents

In addition to the Fire Code there are several policies and guidance documents:
  • Fire Code Policies
    • Allowable Grade
    • Electric Security Gates (Width and KNOX requirement)
    • Fire Service Access Roads (road length and turn around requirements)
    • Fire Works Booths
    • Key Box / KNOX Box Requirement
    • Private Fire Underground Main
    • Spark Arrestors for Chimneys
    • Tents, Canopies and Membrane structures
  • Fire Hydrant Distance to buildings and intervals on public street
  • Fuel Transition Zone for Hillside Development
  • Large Family Day Care Facilities
  • Residential Hillside Development and Construction

Unidocs Website

The Santa Clara county Fire Chief's Association has developed uniform standards for a variety of fire code and fire prevention topics. The list of Fire Prevention Topics is available online.