Plan Review Services

Building Permit Plan Review
The Fire Prevention Program reviews the plans of all new Commercial and Industrial buildings and tenant improvements. This is done as part of the Building Permit Plan Check process. The Building Permit Technician will route building plans to the Fire Prevention Office.

Spec Building or Shell
If a building is being built as a shell or spec building, there may not be many requirements but the contractor or building permit applicant must submit a Business Activity Notification Form.

Tenant Improvements
For tenant improvements each tenant shall complete the Business Activity Notification Form.

It is very important that when a building is being built for a specific use or occupancy or a tenant improvement is made that the plans indicate the kinds of industrial uses, hazardous materials and process equipment that will be used.

A list of activities requiring special review is on the back of the Business Activities and Owner / Operator forms. There are also some standard industrial building and development review plan check comments that can be viewed.

Fire Protection & Fire Alarm Systems
All fire protection and fire alarm Systems are plan reviewed. This includes fire sprinkler systems, private fire main and hydrants, cooking hood and duct systems, and fire detection and pull stations.

A separate application form (use BLES application form) and plans are to be submitted to the Fire Prevention Program for review and approval. Once the plans are approved a permit will be issued and work can commence.

The permit applicant or contractor is responsible for calling the BLES general phone number to schedule inspections. There may be several inspections required, please be sure to consult the inspector as to what inspections are required. A final permit sign off should be obtained.

If there are building permits in addition to the fire protection system, the building permit - fire final inspection will not be done until the fire protection system and/or alarm system permits are finalized.

Special Equipment Review

Underground and above-ground tanks, emergency generators, spray painting booths and other process equipment are also plan checked during installation, removal or modification (including repair).

During the various plan reviews, city inspectors determine if the specific requirements of the codes and regulations are being met.

Policies & Standards
The Unidocs website contains many standard policies that apply to Fire Code Permit Occupancies, hazardous materials process and storage systems.