Roles & Responsibilities

The Engineering Division is responsible for overseeing engineering standards, permitting, design and the on-going improvements within the city rights-of-way (e.g., city streets, traffic circulation, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, park strip / landscaping areas, wastewater and storm drain collection systems) as well as the development of Master Plans, Impact Fee Nexus studies, and the implementation of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Since a city is comprised of diverse types of infrastructure, the CIP is structured under five separate program areas in which projects are categorized by infrastructure type. This includes: 

  • Streets Program
  • Parks and Trails Program
  • Utilities Program
  • Facilities Program
  • Fleet and Equipment Program
For more information on CIP projects and programs see our Capital Improvement Master Plan.

The Engineering Division is responsible for special programs such as the Sidewalk Replacement Program, Storm Water Management Program, Sanitary Sewer Management Program, Pavement Management Program, Land Development Program, and Urban Water Management Plan.

The Engineering Division also reviews permit applications and provides inspections for all residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Gilroy Sidewalk Repair Program

Repair or replacement of damaged sidewalks has been an important issue in the City of Gilroy for many years.  Over the years the city has operated various programs that have shared costs with property owners for the repair of damaged sidewalks.  Please review the Sidewalk Information Documents links to the right for more information.