Pretreatment Permit Application Form

The application for all permits administered by the Gilroy Chemical Control Program and consists of a Business Owner / Operator form (PDF) and a Business Activities form (PDF) (both 2-sided). This application form is used for Industrial Waste permit applications in Gilroy and Morgan Hill. It is also used in Gilroy for the Fire Code and Hazardous Materials Storage Permit. These forms are to be completed to obtain an initial permit, and to renew or change a permit holder. For Industrial Waste Facilities either annually or once every two years, based on your facility's permit expiration date, there will be blank application form sent to each permitted facility. These are to be completed to update our records and to renew the permit. Permits are not transferable to a new owner and a new permit must be obtained. If there are any changes in the processes, wastes or operations at the facility these also require a new permit. The various forms can also be obtained by calling 408-846-0430 or coming into our office.

Baseline Monitoring Report Form

A BMR Form shall be submitted for any Categorical (Federally Categories) or Significant Discharger (in excess of 10,000 gallons per day). Complete this form and submit with a new application.

Monitoring Report Form

A Monitoring Report Form is to be submitted by Categorical and Significant Dischargers biannually (every 6 months).

Grease Removal Report

A Grease Removal Report is required to be submitted by Commercial Kitchens every 6 months.

Grease Log Form

A Grease Log Form is to be kept by Commercial Kitchens.

Car Wash Permit Application for Non-Profit Organizations

A car wash permit application is required for a non-profit organization to hold car wash fundraisers.