Plan Review Services

Plan Review
The chemical control program reviews the plans of all new commercial and industrial buildings and tenant improvements. During the plan review, city inspectors determine if there are specific requirements for sewer lines and if there will be treatment of the wastes. If a building is being built as a shell or spec building, there may not be many requirements other than for a Sewer Test Manhole, to be installed for each building, on the private portion of the sewer lateral.

The SCRWA Ordinance prescribes what wastes and materials cannot be discharged into the sanitary sewer. It is very important that when a building is being built for a specific use or occupancy or a tenant improvement is made that the plans indicate the kinds of waste water that will be generated. There are some Standard Plan Check Comments that can be viewed.

In addition to the SCRWA ordinance that prescribes discharge restrictions and prohibitions, there are some policy documents available to provide specific guidance.

Grease Interceptor Policy for Commercial Kitchens
Car Washing Policy
Sand & Oil interceptor Policy
  • Sand and Oil interceptor Policy (PDF)
  • Provides a standard for sizing and installation. Rain water may not be allowed to enter the interceptor, which typically then requires the washing to be done indoors or under a canopy.