Standards & Specifications

Details & Specification Policies
The City of Gilroy standard details and specifications are updated on an ongoing basis to reflect current minimum and uniform requirements to be used by all developers, contractors, and engineers for the preparation of plans and the construction of public improvements.

The City of Gilroy Standard Details and Specifications are to be used in conjunction with the latest revision of all federal, state, Santa Clara County, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District standards, specifications, and guidelines.

Please contact Engineering at 408-846-0451 for recent updates or with any questions and/or clarification needed in regards to the following Standard Details and Specifications.

Updated Standard Details & Specifications
The updated Standard Details and Specifications are as follows:
In addition to the above noted Standard Details and Specifications, Traffic Control Plans shall be submitted to the Engineering Division for all work conducted within city right-of-way and shall meet the minimum requirements outlined below: