Downtown Specific Plan

The purpose of the Downtown Gilroy Specific Plan is to create a unique and identifiable downtown for Gilroy that is economically vibrant, pedestrian-oriented and a local and visitor destination. This specific plan will be a regulatory tool used by the City of Gilroy to guide development in the downtown for approximately the next 20 years. While the city's general plan is the primary guide for growth and development within Gilroy, this Specific Plan focuses on the downtown area in more detail, organizing land use and zoning regulations by districts.

The specific plan seeks to establish a direct connection between the City of Gilroy's General Plan and revitalization and enhancement opportunities within downtown Gilroy. An overall goal is the orderly development of downtown Gilroy in a method consistent with the city's general plan and, more specifically, with the community's vision as developed through the community outreach process. You may review the specific plan document by clicking below. This document received City Council approval through a Public Hearing process on November 7, 2005.

Specific Plan

Environmental Document
All properties within the specific plan area are subject to requirements of the adopted Mitigated Negative Declaration. View the Mitigated Negative Declaration and the Initial Study below: