Recology South Valley

Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction  & Preservation of the Environment

With a commitment to quality service, customer satisfaction and preservation of the environment, Recology South Valley provides comprehensive solid waste management and curbside recycling services to the businesses and residents of the City of Gilroy, the City of Morgan Hill and the surrounding Unincorporated Southern Santa Clara County.

Exclusive Service

Recology South Valley has the exclusive franchise to collect and dispose of residential and commercial waste in the city. They also provide Special Collection and Debris Box services. Residential and commercial service is mandatory.

Curbside Recycling

Residents receive garbage service according to the level of service they order. Customers have 32, 64, or 96-gallon grey toters. Recology South Valley provides single stream curbside recycling to all residents at no additional cost. Residents have one 64-gallon blue toter for all recyclable materials. Green waste is collected in 96-gallon green toters.

More Information

For more information, visit the Recology South Valley website.

City of Gilroy/Recology Franchise Agreement

  1. Disposal Tips
  2. Garbage Disposal Locations
  3. Special Collection Services
  4. Street Sweeping Schedule

Recycle & Donate

Save on disposal costs by recycling or donating everything that you can. Then recycle - many items such as appliances and other metal items, clothing, furniture, etc. are recyclable. Even carpet pads are recyclable at some facilities! Be sure to separate your recyclables from the trash.

Load Your Vehicle Securely

Load your vehicle and cover the load securely to prevent spillage or litter from your vehicle.

Cover Your Load

Whenever you haul, be sure to cover your load! This will reduce litter on Santa Clara County streets and highways. Did you know that failure to cover your load can lead to a $1,000 fine for littering (see requirements in California Vehicle Code Section 23114)!