Special Collection Services

Special curbside collection services are provided by Recology South Valley:

Christmas Trees
Christmas trees are collected at no charge. Trees must be cut into 3' by 3' sections and placed at the curb for collection. Look for collection dates and information on your newsletter and your October garbage bill.

Bulky Items
Bulky items such as furniture and appliances, can be collected at an on-call basis at the curbside. Recology South Valley charges a fee, per item collected, for this service. Items with refrigerants incur an additional fee.

Extra Pick-Up
You will receive 1 free pick-up tag per quarter in your garbage bill. Additional extra pick-up tags are available, call 408-842-3358 for pricing information.

Yard Waste overages can be picked up if bundled. No more than 7 bundles or cans (32 gallon size only) allowed per week.

Motor Oil
Oil and oil filter collection is part of residential garbage service. Oil jugs and oil filter bags are provided by Recology South Valley, please do not use your own jugs or bags. Call 408-842-3358 for more information.

Debris Box Service
Debris box service is provided through the collection franchise by Recology South Valley on an on-call basis. Please call for details.

Other Services
Call Recology South Valley for details and dates:
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Community Cleanup Projects
  • Drop-off Recycling
Delinquent Accounts
If you do not pay your garbage bill a continued delinquent account will be sent to collections (and be put on your credit report) and your unpaid balance, plus administrative fees, will be placed as a lien on your property. Please pay your bill on time and notify Recology South Valley when you move or need your account closed.

For additional information about these services or for rates, please contact Recology South Valley at 408-842-3358.