Council Goals

Each year, the City Council holds a strategic planning session to identify and discuss issues that will allow them to set policy and priorities for the upcoming years. For more information on the City of Gilroy's strategic plan and service delivery strategies from the latest Council strategic plan session, please see the links at the bottom and right of this page.

Annual Strategic Plan

The City Council meets annually for its strategic planning session. After a facilitated discussion, the Council formulates its strategic plan, including a vision, mission, services and action plan.

Strategic Plan Goals for Fiscal Year 2020 and Fiscal Year 2021

  • Ensure Financial Stability
  • Enhance Public Safety Capabilities
  • Revitalize Downtown
  • Focus on Revenue Driven Economic Development
  • Retain Stability in the City's Workforce
  • Provide Opportunities for Meaningful Public Engagement
  • Ensure Neighborhoods Benefit Equally from City Services

City Vision

The City of Gilroy is a regional leader in sustainable development offering a unique, inclusive, safe, and welcoming community with a thriving downtown, recreational opportunities for all ages, sustainable development and environmental policies, and a balanced economy that supports our population and promotes Gilroy as a community for all.

City Mission

The Mission of the City of Gilroy is to provide excellent municipal services to our residents and businesses via outstanding customer service in a financially responsible manner.
City Council Meeting

Strategic Plan & Delivery Strategies