Streets, Trees & Sewers

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

The Public Works, with the assistance of Causey Consulting of Walnut Creek, has prepared a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) which is a compendium of the policies, procedures, and activities that are included in the planning, management, operation, and maintenance of the City’s sanitary sewer system. This document can be accessed here.


SSMP cover page

Reporting Sanitary Sewer spills?

To report sewer smells, leaks, and spills to Public Works on weekdays from 7:30am - 3:30pm please call 408-846-0424 or you may report incidents to Communications at 408-846-0350 

Reporting sewage spills

sewage spill

Sewer Maintenance is performed by the Streets, Trees and Sewers section of Public Works. 

Street Maintenance Responsibilities

The Streets, Trees and Sewers Section personnel are responsible for maintaining and repairing:
  • public storm drains throughout the city
  • public bikeways
  • public parking lots
  • city streets
  • city street signs
  • striping and markings on streets, curbs, and parking stalls

City Trees

The Streets, Trees and Sewers Section provides the city with:
  • 24-hour emergency tree response
  • Permit processing for tree planting or removal of city trees
  • Removal and replacement of dead and unsound trees


During leaf season please be advised that the city will be picking up leaves on your street at least once a week. (If you have city trees on your street and you live on a public street.)

How You Can Help

  • Put leaves into your yard waste containers
  • Do not sweep or blow leaves into the gutter
  • Do not make piles of leaves in the street
  • Do not put leaves into garbage bags, they will not be picked up
Remember, you can put out up to 7 additional garbage cans or cardboard boxes full of leaves on your yard waste day with no additional charge to you. Please make sure you mark the cans or boxes with "Yard Waste." Plastic bags will not be picked up.