Code Enforcement

The City of Gilroy Code Enforcement program helps to improve and maintain the quality of life for its residents and businesses. Our goal in providing this valuable service is based on educational efforts and shared community expectations. We strive to promote voluntary compliance, with a focus on education to increase public awareness of the city’s regulatory expectations. Working hand-in-hand with property owners and business operators, positive and lasting results are achieved to benefit the Gilroy community.

The Code Enforcement team is responsible for enforcing land use-related concerns throughout the city limits. Common violations handled by the Code Enforcement Officers include, but are not limited to, the following concerns on private property:

  • Abandoned or dangerous buildings
  • Blighted property and maintenance concerns
  • Business license verification
  • Land use/Zoning permits
  • Illegal tree removal
  • Seasonal outdoor sales
  • Signs and advertisements
  • Unsafe living conditions