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Building and Safety has a plan check team ready to serve you with your permitting needs.  Depending on the size, complexity, and type of project, we offer plan review on walk-in basis (Counter Plan Check), by appointment (Plan Check by Appointment), or regular plan check.  In addition, we offered expedited plan review upon staff availability.  Contact the Building & Safety Division at (408) 846-0451.

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Over-The-Counter Plan Check (OTC)
OTC Plan Check offers the convenience and expedience of having a plan review and obtaining a permit without the need to make an appointment. It also allows applicants to interact with the plan checker at the public counter. The type of plans that are typically reviewed at the counter are small size projects, such as kitchen and bathroom remodel, small residential addition and remodel, and minor tenant improvements to office and retail buildings that can be reviewed in approximately 20 minutes.

Plan Check By Appointment (PCA)
PCA offers the convenience and expedience of having a plan review and obtaining a permit by making an appointment with the city staff with the design team to review the project. This meeting allows applicants and the design team to discuss and resolve issues face to face.  The type of plans that are typically reviewed at by appointment are small and medium size projects, such as tenant improvements, and additions and remodels that can be reviewed in approximately 2 hours.  Additionally, re-submittal is now offered to be reviewed by appointment if it takes not more than 2 hours of reviews. This review is not meant to be an approval and permit issuance option to expedite the review process. 

Regular Plan Check (RPC)
Large, more complex, or projects requiring time consuming review are submitted for regular plan check. At the time of submittal, plans are screened for completeness and the appropriate plan check fees is required to be paid.  An option to expedite the plan check project is available upon request.  Plans being expedited are reviewed and completed in half of the regular plan review timeline. 

Plans submitted for reviews will be routed to the appropriate divisions/departments for reviews.  It is important that completeness is key to expedited the reviews.  Plan Check time varies and depends on the size and complexity of the project. We are committed to respond to your permitting needs in a timely and predictable manner. 

Plan Check Handouts & Documents
This section provides a variety of documents available to assist you with your projects, including plan check related documents.  We will update this portion as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

     Plan Check Checklists:

  1. Assembly Occupancy
  2. Business/Office Occupancy
  3. Retail Occupancy
  4. Clinic and Dental


  1. Residential

We hope to make your Plan Check go as smooth as possible. We welcome all forms of feedback that may help us better serve you. Please feel free to let us know how we are doing and how we can improve.  Email me Hipolito Olmos, Building Official