South County Youth Task Force

In January 2012, the City of Gilroy, the City of Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Morgan Hill Unified School Districts and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors met and created the South County Youth Task Force (SCYTF) to address the effects of violence and gangs on our youth and in our community. This collaboration is a cross-sector, multi-agency partnership that is implementing a multi-faceted, community-oriented approach to create culturally-responsive prevention and intervention practices. SCYTF engaged in a community assessment and strategic planning process in 2012-2013 to define existing challenges South County youth face. The goal is to reach youth where they are and provide safe and healthy opportunities for recreation and engagement in the community. In short, to help youth thrive!

The City of Gilroy and the SCYTF are committed to creating safe and healthy opportunities for youth, free of gangs and crime, so they may become successful and productive. View the SCYTF commitment to being Champions for Empowering Our Youth.

View the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan for SCYTF.
Community Assessment
The Community Assessment Report provides an assessment of data collected and of stakeholder input of current conditions regarding youth, juvenile delinquent behaviors and gang related issues in south Santa Clara County.
Funding is provided through the South County Youth Task Force (SCYTF): City of Gilroy, City of Morgan Hill, Gilroy Unified School District, Santa Clara County Library District, Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation Department and the Santa Clara County’s Neighborhood Safety Unit
View Funding and SCYTF Strategies and Programming description for further information.

Informal Competitive Procurement (ICP) for Cultural Groups – Late Night Gym Services
Please see the Informal Competitive Procurement (ICP) for the South County ONE Project Cultural Groups – Late Night Gym Program. This is an invitation for SCYTF qualified consultants to submit a proposal and provide assistance with the South County One Neighborhood Empowered (ONE) Project. The anticipated contract period is July 31, 2018 through June 30, 2019. ICP proposals are due on Friday, June 8th, 2018 by 5:00 PM Pacific time, following page 7 of the ICP, section VII Submission of Proposals.
Two Pre-Proposal Conference Calls to review the submitted questions have been scheduled: Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 3 PM Pacific Time and Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 10 AM Pacific Time.
Conference Call Information: (515) 604-9913 Access Code: 778881#
View ICP SCYTF-01CG-ICP-FY18 for further information.
Submitted Questions and their Answers to Informal Competitive Procurement for Cultural Groups
Late Night Gym Program ICP: SCYTF-01CG-ICP-FY18