Disabled Access Regulations

All buildings in California are required to meet the accessibility requirements of the California Building Code (CBC). The local Building Department only plan checks and inspects for State compliance. Compliance with the CBC does NOT necessarily mean that the design automatically complies with Federal ADA requirements. 

CBC Chapter 11A contains regulations pertaining to multifamily buildings and CBC Chapter 11B contains regulations for Commercial and Industrial buildings.  Additionally, CBC Chapter 10 contains general accessibility requirements that apply to most occupancies.  

[1] until the California version is Certified for ADA Compliance. It is the Owner’s and Architect’s responsibility to ensure the building complies with all applicable Codes and Laws.
[2] ALL publicly-owned buildings must comply with Federal ADA requirements. 


For questions regarding accessibility in privately-owned buildings in the City of Gilroy, contact the Building Division at (408) 846-0451.