Capital Improvement Program

The City of Gilroy’s Capital Improvement Program (“CIP”) is an ongoing budget process for identifying, prioritizing, and developing a multi-year work plan for major capital expenditures and their associated funding sources, in an effort to improve and maintain the City of Gilroy’s roadways, parks, facilities, and other infrastructure. 

Generally, CIP improvements are major expenditures that have a multi-year life and result in becoming City assets. The CIP is a strategic planning tool focusing on City-owned infrastructure, summarizing in one document the City’s overall capital project needs and associated funding requirements during a five year period. The CIP document is a work plan and a planning tool and should be used as such in the biannual operating budget preparation process. There are a wide variety of funding sources for CIP projects, some steady and predictable while others are dependent on outside agencies.

The Process for Review and Adoption of the Capital Improvement Program

Action Item Date
Initial review of the CIP by City Council July 6, 2020 COMPLETE
Community Outreach Meeting August 4, 2020 COMPLETE
Presentation of CIP to the Planning Commission August 6, 2020 COMPLETE
CIP Workshop by City Council September 28, 2020 COMPLETE
CIP Adoption by City Council November 16, 2020 COMPLETE