Outside Agency Construction Projects

Projects that are Currently In-Progress

  1. Autumn Way RAB and Trail
  2. Gilroy High Speed Rail Alignment

Developer to Begin Construction on the Autumn Way Roundabout and Multi-use Trail

For questions or concerns regarding the Autumn Way Roundabout please contact Caltrans at: 510-286-6115

For questions or concerns regarding the multi-use trail please contact the City of Gilroy at: 408-846-0223

As part of the Hecker Pass and Hoey North Development projects, construction will soon begin on the Autumn Way Roundabout, located at Autumn Way and Hecker Pass Highway, and a new multi-use trail, located along the south side of Hecker Pass Highway between Burchell Road and Santa Teresa Boulevard.   Because Hecker Pass Highway is a state highway, this project will be permitted and overseen by Caltrans.

Upon commencement of this project, the intersection of Two Oaks Lane and Hecker Pass Highway will be closed. Residents should use the main entrance located at 3rd Street and Santa Teresa Boulevard to access the neighborhood and Hecker Pass Highway.   

As part of the multi-use trail construction, some trees along the south-side of Hecker Pass Highway will be removed to make space for the trail which will be located in the open space on the edge of the roadway with a landscaped buffer between the trail-user and the highway.  Of the 354 trees currently located in the trail section, we anticipate that only 50 trees will need to be removed.

This project is anticipated to begin mid-March with completion anticipated by winter 2021, weather permitting.

We will work with the developer and Caltrans to provide regular updates to the community throughout the construction process. Thank you for your patience as we work on these much-anticipated transportation improvements in our community.


Why is a roundabout being installed on a State Highway?  If a traffic control measure is needed, isn’t a stoplight a better solution for the high speeds of a State Highway?Initially, a signal was considered at this location to provide access into the Hecker Pass Development area from the adjacent highway.   Due to the highway speeds associated with Hecker Pass Highway, a significantly long acceleration lane on the east side of the intersection, and a deceleration lane on the west side of the intersection would have been required by the State.  These lanes would have required the removal of a significant number of the historic deodar cedar trees on the south side of the highway.   To avoid removal of the trees, an alternate intersection control method was designed.  Caltrans approved the roundabout as an alternate to the signal for access control.

Will crosswalks be installed at the roundabout?

Yes, a crosswalk for crossing Hecker Pass Highway will be included in the roundabout design.  Traffic will have to slow down to 30 to 35 miles per hour to enter the roundabout which will allow for pedestrians to cross within the roundabout. Flashing yellow-lights will be installed in advance of the west and east sections of the roundabout to notify drivers of the upcoming roundabout.

Why are trees being removed?  Will they be replaced?

There will be a total of nine deodar cedar trees removed as part of the roundabout and multi-use trail project.  An additional approximately 40 trees will be removed along the south side of Hecker Pass Highway for the construction of an off-street Class I multi-use trail that will complete the Class I loop around the entire Hecker Pass Development.  The deodar cedar trees will be replaced with nine new deodar cedar trees along the tree line on open spaces closer to Santa Teresa Boulevard.  Replacement trees for the balance of the trees being removed have already been planted within the Hecker Pass Development to accommodate for the removal of the trees within this project.
Why is 2 Oaks Lane being closed?  2 Oaks Lane is being closed for several reasons.   Most importantly, it is not considered a safe access to Hecker Pass Highway and the roundabout will provide a safe, Caltrans approved, access to Hecker Pass Highway.  It is also located on a private parcel that will ultimately be developed with mixed-use development per the Hecker Pass Specific Plan.  


Hecker Pass Specific Plan

The Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration

Map of Project Area:

Map showing the location of the Autumn Way Roundabout and multi-use trail

Completed Projects

  1. First Street/Highway 152

For more information regarding this project please contact Caltrans at (510) 286-6115.

Caltrans has begun the next phase of the First Street Repairs which will include a complete repaving of First Street/State Highway 152 from the 101 on-ramps to Santa Teresa Boulevard. Caltrans has already started electrical and concrete work in the project area, including curb, ramp, and gutter improvements. These improvements will be followed by grinding and paving of the project area. The City will be meeting with Caltrans regularly to coordinate the work and will provide regular updates as the work progresses.

Additional information regarding the project can be obtained by contacting Caltrans at (510) 286-6115 or by visiting the Caltrans project website.

1st Street Paving Map