Downtown Parking Management Plan

Successful management of parking in downtown Gilroy contributes to a prosperous and vibrant downtown. The goal of the Downtown Parking Management Plan (DPMP) is to establish successful management of parking in downtown Gilroy in an effort to provide easier access to and foster continued economic development in the historic downtown area. As part of this process, a variety of efforts have been undertaken, including evaluating existing parking conditions, analyzing current and future parking demand, and developing parking management strategies and recommendations.

The Draft Downtown Parking Management Plan was submitted to the City Council on December 4, 2023. Comments received from the Council on that date will be incorporated into a Final Draft to be adopted by the Council at a future meeting. 

Draft Downtown Parking Management Plan

Overall objectives for this project include:

  1. Evaluating current parking conditions in the downtown area, including supply and demand for public and private parking.
  2. Assessing the current operational practices for the City’s parking programs and identifying potential improvements.
  3. Estimating the future parking demand in the downtown area based on known and projected future development.
  4. Developing strategies for meeting current and expected future parking demand.
  5. Identifying funding/revenue opportunities.

Project Boundary

Map of the study area boundary for the Downtown Parking Management Plan

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