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Community Development

  1. Inspection Request - Building and/or Fire

    Inspection Request for Building Department and/or Fire Prevention Department

  1. Outdoor Dining Furniture Application

    The City of Gilroy is pleased to announce that durable outdoor dining furniture is now available free of charge for local restaurants.... More…


  1. Garage Sale Application

    An online application to request permission to hold a garage sale within the City of Gilroy.

  1. Utility Billing Application - Stop/Cancel Service

    This form is used to submit water/sewer service cancellation request

Love Gilroy: Interest Form

  1. Formulario para voluntariado

    Si tiene preguntas sobre los programas o para consultar sobre las oportunidades de voluntariado, use este formulario.

  1. Love Gilroy Campaign: Volunteer Inquiry Form

    For questions regarding programs or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please use this form.


  1. Youth Scholarship Application

    The City of Gilroy Recreation Division is pleased to offer Youth Recreation Scholarships to Gilroy city residents who live within the... More…