Water Conservation

Gilroy pumps most of our water from underground aquifers.  Do your part to protect this shared resource and make a choice to use water wisely. Click on the links to your left for water-wise tips and information about rebates.   

Beginning April 1, 2022, the watering schedule and watering limits for Gilroy residents will change from once-a-week allowable watering at less than 15 minutes per zone, to twice-a-week allowable watering at less than 15 minutes per zone. This scheduled change seeks to balance the need to conserve water while also recognizing the need for water to keep landscapes and vegetation alive and well.

Water Schedule April - November

  • 2 Days a Week
  • Sunday & Wednesday for Odd Addresses
  • Tuesday & Saturday for Even Addresses
  • Check your water bill for specific days

Valley Water is currently offering landscape rebates to encourage residents and businesses to convert approved high-water use landscape, such as lawns and pools, to low-water-use landscape, as well as to retrofit existing irrigation equipment with approved high-efficiency irrigation equipment.

 You may qualify for rebates valued up to:

  •  $3,000 for residential sites 
  • $50,000 for commercial/multi-family sites (5 or more units)

For more information on rebate programs visit: https://www.valleywater.org/saving-water/rebates-surveys/landscape-rebates

For more information, view the 2021 Council Resolution declaring a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage.

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