What is the right-of-way?
The public right-of-way is the area that includes the street, sidewalk, and some property along the street. Typically, the city has an easement over this area. The width varies from street to street, but typically the ROW extends approximately 10’ from the back of curb towards the adjacent property. Most of the trees planted in the park strip between the sidewalk and street are street trees. If there is no park strip, trees planted in the property owners front yard or setback, near the sidewalk may be street trees.

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1. What are street trees?
2. Who owns and maintains street trees?
3. What is the right-of-way?
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9. I've got bees in my tree! What do I do? Will the city remove them?
10. There is mistletoe or ivy in my tree , will the forestry crew remove it?
11. My street tree is diseased, dripping sap, or infested with insects
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