What can I do to about tree roots in my sewer or water line?
Tree roots are opportunistic. While they will not crack a sound sewer service or water line, they will exploit cracks or failures in the lines. The best defense against having tree roots in lines is to make sure that your lines are in good condition and that they're not cracked. Property owners are responsible for the water and sewer lines from the curb to the house. If your problem with tree roots is in this area, you will need to contact a plumber to help you with the work. If you suspect that tree roots are growing into your sewer line, you can have the roots cut out using a process called "rodding". You can also flush Copper Sulfate down the toilet 2 to 3 times per year to prevent roots from growing into sewer lines. Copper Sulfate is an inexpensive chemical that can be purchased at most hardware stores. Urban Forestry will not remove a tree solely because of roots in lines.

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3. What can I do to about tree roots in my sewer or water line?
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