Why should I participate in the update process?

The supply of housing is critical to achieving a variety of community objectives, including economic development and preserving and producing an adequate supply of housing affordable to people at a variety of income levels. The housing element addresses the special housing needs of farmworkers, single-parent households, large multi-generational households, people with disabilities, and people who are experiencing homelessness.  

Housing issues affect the entire community —  residents, employers, and the public and private sectors. The inclusion of community stakeholders in the Housing Element update process helps ensure appropriate housing strategies are more efficiently and effectively evaluated, developed, and implemented.  Successful public participation is important because a diverse cross section of the population can be engaged in defining the housing problem and in crafting solutions that work for everyone in the community. Broad participation and true engagement of the public increases the likelihood that the community members involved in the discussion and planning processes will support new housing strategies and housing developments.

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1. What is a Housing Element?
2. Why do we need a Housing Element?
3. Why should I participate in the update process?
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5. Is Gilroy required to build the housing assigned?
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