Volunteer Services

The City of Gilroy’s Volunteer Service Program is built on the belief that both the volunteer and the City of Gilroy can benefit from a partnership. Volunteers with knowledge, interest or special skills, can provide valuable assistance to City in completing projects and implementing programs. Volunteers can share their experience with city staff in developing or planning City programs, activities or special events.in a team effort.
Welcome Volunteers!
The city welcomes the participation from all segments of our community and believes that volunteers involved in city projects will acquire a better understanding and appreciation of how their government works. Volunteer involvement can also strengthen neighborhoods, the  community and encourage business partnerships with city government. Everybody wins!
Volunteer Application
Please complete the Volunteer Application. Volunteers need to sign the waiver and return the application to the Recreation office, 7351 Rosanna Street, Gilroy or email it to Recreation Coordinator Kellie Bourke. The completed Volunteer Application can also be faxed to 408-846-0445. Parents or legal guardians need to sign the application for youth under age 18. Click here to register for current volunteer opportunities.
Volunteer Criteria
Who Can Volunteer?
  • All ages and backgrounds
  • Homemakers
  • Professionals
  • Retirees
  • Students
  • Technical experts

Where Can I Volunteer?
  • Community Development
  • Finance
  • Parks
  • Recreation
  • Public Information
  • Police (VIPs: Volunteers in Policing, WOW: Wipe Out Watch, Police Explorers)
  • Senior Center (Gift Shop, Senior Services)

Why Should I Volunteer?
  • Assist your fellow citizens
  • Feel the satisfaction of community service
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Get to know your city government
  • Learn new skills
  • Share your expertise
  • Try something new
Program Supervisor
For specific questions about volunteering with the City of Gilroy, contact Recreation Coordinator Kellie Bourke by email or by phone 408-846-0460.