City Infrastructure Projects

Projects that are Currently In-Progress

  1. 2022 Citywide Pavement Maint.
  2. Parking Lot at Eigleberry & 7th Street
  3. Gilroy Sports Park

2022 Citywide Pavement Maintenance Project

The City’s 2022 Citywide Pavement Maintenance Project is underway with street improvement efforts anticipated to start in early summer.

The 2022 Pavement Project is anticipated to improve 149 segments on 138 streets and 67 curb ramps. $3.9 million in funding has been allocated towards the 2022 Pavement Project consisting of $900,000 Measure B funds, $900,000 SB-1 funds, $350,000 Gas Tax funds, and $1.75 million General Funds.

Streets are selected for improvement based on a Pavement Management Program (PMP), developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Council-approved 5-year Pavement Maintenance Plan. This strategy balances the comprehensive need for pavement maintenance throughout the City against the need for repairing some of our failed major roadways to maximize the life of our roads and the benefit to the community.

The 2022 Pavement Project is currently out for bid. Bids and the current cost of construction may affect the project scope including the streets currently proposed for improvement.

Map of Proposed Streets Selected for 2022 Improvements

(street selection will be finalized once a contract is secured)

Pavement Maintenance Strategy

The City’s goal is to make our streets safe and accessible for all users through maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. City streets are maintained through (1) annual maintenance projects and (2) local streets and roads projects. The annual maintenance projects, such as the 2022 Citywide Pavement Maintenance Project, take into consideration the overall repair strategy for the whole community based on the most effective and efficient use of available funding. The local streets and roads projects focus on making streets safe and drivable through the repair of potholes and minor paving projects.

For more information on street selection and pavement maintenance in general, visit the City's Better Roads Ahead webpage.

Completed Projects

  1. 2021 Citywide Pavement Maintenance Project
  2. 10th Street Crossing at Orchard Drive

With approximately $3.2 million of Measure B, SB 1, and various Gas Tax funds, the City of Gilroy will be rehabilitating eight sections of roadway including sections of:

  • Monterey Road
  • Farrell Avenue
  • Camino Arroyo
  • Murray Avenue
  • 8th Street
  • Chestnut Street
  • Martin Street
  • San Ysidro Avenue

The work will be completed in phases with Camino Arroyo (Phase 2) and San Ysidro Avenue (Phase 6) scheduled for night-work.  Lane closures will be in place.  Please plan ahead and take alternate routes where possible.

Work is anticipated to begin mid-April with the main construction work anticipated to be completed by the end of April.  This work will be followed by a final treatment and striping which is anticipated to take place in mid-May.

Map of Project Area

Map of Streets for Rehabilitating

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