Tree Removal Permits

Trees provide many benefits to communities including shade, beautification, home to wildlife and clean air.  The City recognizes that existing and future trees and tree communities located in Gilroy are a valuable and distinctive resource. The Protected Tree Removal Ordinance aims to protect indigenous and heritage trees and preserve the many benefits that these trees bring to our town by requiring a person who wishes to cut down such a tree, located on private property, to go through a permit process. 

To apply for a permit, read the following documents:

Water Bill Insert Draft v2


Heritage Tree: A tree of any species with a single trunk of 90 inches in circumference or more at a point four and one half feet (4 1/2) above the grade.

Protected Tree: Any indigenous tree native to the Gilroy region, including all species of Oaks, California Bay, Big Leaf Maple, Madrone, California Sycamore, California Buckeye, and Alder and characterized by having a single trunk of thirty-eight inches (38'') in circumference or more at a point four and one half feet (4 1/2) above the grade. Nonindigenous tree species and orchards (including individual fruit and nut trees) are exempt from this definition for the purpose of this section.


The Planning Division will review the application for removal of a Protected or Heritage Tree and will determine on the basis of the information provided and the required findings whether to approve, approve with conditions or deny the request. 

In order to approve an application for tree removal, the following findings must be made:

I. The tree is dead, diseased or in danger of falling

II. None of the tree management techniques referenced in Section (3), above are deemed feasible to save the tree.


Important: Be sure to provide the following required documents when you submit your application:

I. Site Plan: Location, size and species of protected trees to be removed; and existing and/or proposed footprint of the structure(s), paving and landscape areas, refer to page 6 of Application Instructions.

II. Arborist Report (Arborist Shall be Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)Refer to page 2 of Application Instructions. 

III. Planning Application Fee: $300.00 (Payable by credit card, check or cash.  Please make checks payable to: City of Gilroy)


Under the current Santa Clara County Health Department Shelter-In-Place Order, City Hall is closed to the public. Please submit your application by emailing a PDF copy to For more information, contact the Community Development Department at (408)846-0451.