Planning Applications, Permits & Fees

5/4/20 - Important Notice: 

In accordance with the May 4th Shelter in Place order, Planning staff are providing limited remote service for all development projects. All communication will be conducted through email, phone or other electronic means.

We will take in applications, review plans, complete inspections, and issue permits. In order to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers, we have implemented the Planning Department COVID-19 protocols.

Please email the Planning Division to submit your application. Application materials may either be attached to the email or shared with a file sharing service such as

New applications will be assigned to a planner who will reach out to you remotely. After a planner has reached out, they will provide an invoice to pay for permit fees.

Resubmittals can be sent electronically directly to the planner assigned to your project. Please contact the planner assigned to your project for information on planning inspections.

For questions, please call 408-846-0440 and leave a message, or email the Planning Division.